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We designed our Drone program specifically with Architects, Engineers and those in the Construction industries in mind.

How can aerial services help you save money and resources while providing valuable data?

Get paid on progress, or reference as historical data.

Construction projects are notorious for taking longer than expected and going over budget. Developers hate this, but accept it. Of course, they’d love to have a better way to control or manage the progress of the project, but there really hasn’t been a standardized way to do that.


Now, with Summit Aerial Services, you can have aerial scans of the progress of the construction project for your archives or to prove to the bank your current state of progress. Get paid, pay subs, move forward.

As a bonus, site managers tend to keep their site more tidy if they know an aerial scan could happen at any time!

See your project from all angles

Our drone flights captures data to generate a 3D model of your construction site.

Our point cloud models give you a  great visual of your job site, which can help with seeing more detail on progress or help in the pre-planning phase of construction.

This is a great alternative to Google Earth since our scans can provide much more detail and up to date visuals of the site in question.

Data + Information at your fingertips

From our aerial scans we can generate insights of your job including data, measurements, and annotations.

These aerial scans are perfect for your project manager to maintain safety and control of their inventory.


Visual aerial data allows project coordinators to easily visualize where they may have a problem or a safety issue. It also allows them to compare, with historical data, how much inventory they have on site using volumetric calculations.

Can your job site benefit from more insight and data?

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